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Sunday, 29 January 2012

JAVA: Nested Class

 The class which is defined within another class is called nested class.
It can be divided into 2 types. They are -   static nested class & non-static nested class

Static Nested Class: 
  • Nested class which is declared static is static nested class.
  • Its methods & variables are associated with is mother/outer class.
  • It can be used only through object reference.
  • It is accessed using enclosing class name. Example: MotherClass.StaticNestedClass
  • It interacts with enclosing class or other class like any other top-level class.

Non-Static Nested Class/Inner Class:
  • It has access to the other members of the mother class, even they are private.
  • It can't define any static member itself.
  • Instance of inner class only valid within the instance of the enclosed class, & has direct access to the methods & fields of the enclosing instance.
  • To instantiate innerclass, 1st we need to instantiate the mother class. Example:
MotherClass.InnerClass iObj = InnerClass();
Types of Inner Class
1.                 Local Inner Class 
2.                 Anonymous Inner Class 
Local Inner Class: 
·         The inner class which is declared within the body of a method is known as local inner class
·         It is not a member the enclosing class, hence doesn’t have any access specifies.
·         It has access to all the members of the enclosing class, even any final variable 
          within the scope.
Anonymous Inner Class:
·         The inner class which is declared within the body of a method and has no name 
          is known as anonymous inner class.
·         It is accessible only at the point of its declaration.

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