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Saturday 11 January 2014

JAVA: Data Types Conversion Chart

      In Java Programming Language, we must declare a variable name and type, before using it. The data type of a variable defines the the type of value it will contain. Java supports total 8 types of primitive data types. The name of this data types are all reserved as keywords.
Among which, 1) byte, 2) short, 3) int & 4) long can store integer values of different range.
5) float and 6) double can store floating numbers of different range.
7) boolean  can store only true/false. It is used as flag, to perform boolean operation.
8) char can store a single 16-bit Unicode character of range from '\u0000' (0) to '\uffff' (65,535).
Apart from these, Java also provides a String data type which is defined as a Class (java.lang.String). It can contains alpha numeric values.


  • Type: Integer (8-bit signed two's complement integer).
  • Range:  from -128 [-2^(8-1)] to 127 [(2^(8-1))-1].
  • Memory: 1 byte
  • Default Value : 0
  • Example: byte b = 0;


  • Type: Integer (16-bit signed two's complement integer).
  • Range:  from -32768 [-2^(16-1)] to 32767 [(2^(16-1))-1].
  • Memory: 2 bytes
  • Default Value : 0
  • Example: short s  = 0;

  • Type: Integer (32-bit signed two's complement integer).
  • Range:  from -2147483648 [-2^(32-1)] to 2147483647 [(2^(32-1))-1].
  • Memory: 4 bytes
  • Default Value : 0
  • Example: int i = 0;


  • Type: Integer (64-bit signed two's complement integer).
  • Range:  from -9223372036854775808 [-2^(64-1)] to 9223372036854775807 [(2^(64-1))-1].
  • Memory: 8 bytes
  • Default Value : 0L
  • Example: long l = 0L;


  • Type: Float (Single precision 32-bit IEEE 754 floating point).
  • Range:  from 1.4E-45F to 3.4028235E+38F.
  • Memory: 4 bytes
  • Default Value : 0.0f
  • Example: float f = 0f;


  • Type: Float (Single precision 64-bit IEEE 754 floating point).
  • Range:  from 4.9E-324D to 1.7976931348623157E+308D.
  • Memory: 8 bytes
  • Default Value : 0.0d
  • Example: double d = 0d;


  • Type: boolean (boolean flag - true / false).
  • Range:  NA.
  • Memory: virtual machine dependent
  • Default Value : false
  • Example: boolean b = false;


  • Type: Character (a single 16-bit Unicode character).
  • Range:  from '\u0000' (0) to '\uffff' (65535).
  • Memory: 2 bytes
  • Default Value : '\u0000'
  • Example: char c = '\u0000';


  • Type: String Character (a class can store alpha numeric value).
  • Range:  NA
  • Memory: NA
  • Default Value : null
  • Example: String s = "Hello World";

Anijit Sarkar

147 Responses to “ JAVA: Data Types Conversion Chart ”

Hardcoded said...
15 January 2014 at 20:05

You shouldn't use Boolean/Byte/Short/Integer/Long.valueOf(String) to get a (native) boolean/byte/... It's like calling:
byte b = Byte.valueOf(Byte.parseBoolean(string));

Hardcoded said...
16 January 2014 at 14:51

The byte to String conversion doesn't convert the byte value to a String representation, it treats the byte as a character of the plattforms default charset. So this is most likely the wrong method to convert a byte to String

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Anonymous said...
27 March 2022 at 00:07

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Anonymous said...
28 March 2022 at 19:26

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Anonymous said...
29 March 2022 at 01:35

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29 March 2022 at 01:59

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30 March 2022 at 12:57

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3 April 2022 at 08:35

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3 April 2022 at 16:19

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3 April 2022 at 17:05

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Anonymous said...
4 April 2022 at 07:55

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4 April 2022 at 11:41

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Anonymous said...
5 April 2022 at 03:48

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5 April 2022 at 07:59

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6 April 2022 at 07:51

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Anonymous said...
6 April 2022 at 08:43

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Anonymous said...
9 April 2022 at 13:23

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Anonymous said...
10 April 2022 at 20:18

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Anonymous said...
11 April 2022 at 02:58

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11 April 2022 at 04:28

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12 April 2022 at 06:20

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Anonymous said...
12 April 2022 at 22:53

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Anonymous said...
13 April 2022 at 00:13

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Anonymous said...
13 April 2022 at 03:58

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Anonymous said...
13 April 2022 at 10:46

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Anonymous said...
13 April 2022 at 17:00

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Anonymous said...
13 April 2022 at 17:58

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Anonymous said...
13 April 2022 at 22:59

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Anonymous said...
13 April 2022 at 23:46

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Anonymous said...
14 April 2022 at 03:18

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Anonymous said...
15 April 2022 at 06:11

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15 April 2022 at 12:26

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Anonymous said...
16 April 2022 at 00:23

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17 April 2022 at 00:13

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18 April 2022 at 02:46

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18 April 2022 at 16:58

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Anonymous said...
19 April 2022 at 05:42

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Anonymous said...
19 April 2022 at 10:02

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Anonymous said...
19 April 2022 at 12:20

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Anonymous said...
21 April 2022 at 00:44

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22 April 2022 at 11:02

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22 April 2022 at 13:59

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Anonymous said...
24 April 2022 at 08:16

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24 April 2022 at 09:36

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Anonymous said...
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